Riverport S.A. is a privately owned terminal, located in Barranquilla, dedicated to the storage and handling of grains, coal and coke since 2014.
It has two berthing positions and a storage capacity of up to 77,000 MT for clean bulk and up to 80,000 MT for coke or 110,000 MT for Thermal Coal.
Riverport S.A. is committed to excellence in its operations, safety, security, protection, environmental care and health of its employees, collectively referred to as Operational Integrity.

We drive economic growth through comprehensive and responsible port management of grain and coal.

By 2025 Riverport S.A. will be the port of Barranquilla with the highest levels of service, sustainability, efficiency and safety.

Sociedad Portuaria Riverport S.A. is committed to comply with the law, act with integrity, maintain good business practices, protect the environment, health and welfare of workers. To generate trust and credibility, based on corporate values such as respect, honesty, loyalty, perseverance and commitment.