Discharge of clean solid bulk

It is done with the cranes of the motorboat, fed three hoppers located on the dock, with a capacity of 100 ton retention, which feed a belt conveyor with a capacity of 800 Ton / Hour for grains and 300Ton / hour for flours, weighing It is done with a high precision batches scale, no direct loading, all the product is received in the storage areas.


For storage there are four metal silos, with a capacity of 9,000 tons each, four mechanized bulk warehouses, two with a capacity of 8,500 tons each and two with a capacity of 12,000 tons each, for a total storage capacity of 77,000 tons.

Charge of coal / Coke

The loading of coal / coke is done with a fixed radial shiploader, it is a machine designed especially for the direct loading of ships with coal and coke; receiving the product from the CT2 band and depositing it on the vessel. The radial shiploader has the capacity to rotate around its axis 180 degrees and to lean 12 degrees in the vertical direction. The shiploader has a telescopic chute that has the possibility of extending up to 18.6m to guarantee the complete loading of the warehouses. The nominal capacity of the system for coal is 1,500 Ton / Hour.


The storage is carried out in a 42,500 M2, with a capacity of 70,000 tons, with its proper infrastructure for adequate environmental management, such as a 14-meter-high barrier, perimeter channel and sedimentation system in a closed system, vehicle washing and system of humidification through canyons, distributed perimetrally throughout the patio.


Riverport is certified by the International Maritime Organization in the International Code for the Protection of Ships and Port Facilities (ISPS), which is part of the international order to detect and prevent acts that threaten ships or port facilities.

The perimeter is protected by walls in masonry blocks, at a height of 4 m and electrified fence in the upper part, the perimeter areas, docks, offices, accesses and operating areas, are monitored 7×24, through the CCTV.

To ensure adequate lighting, there are 18 masts 18 meters high to cover all areas.

The security system contains:


  • Access control through palm biometry, fingerprint and whole body lathes.
  • Closed circuit digital television, CCTV.
  • Access control of vehicles with talanqueras and biometrics.
  • Online verification for entry and exit of cargo vehicles.
  • Cameras for identification of plates on scales.
  • Control of the port side of the moored vessels (river side), with digital cameras, integrated into the CCTV.
  • Transactional and video audit, to all the income and exits of cargo vehicles, carried out by an external company.